How to hack wifi password on mobile?

Wifi networks are now available every where around. How about accessing those wifi’s without having the actual key? Well that is actually quite possible today to get our hands dirty but with some limitations though.

So after having lot of research i figured out one app which really works in cracking the passwords. That app name is wps wpa tester. This app is officially available on play store, so yes its legal there is nothing to be afraid of and also you don’t require any rooted device. If you don’t know what is rooting then you can check my post here.

Steps to perform hack:

Step1: Download it from the playstore.

Step2: Open the app and here you will see many networks if you have them around. All you have to click on the networks which are green in color.

Step3: After you click, it will then run its own algorithm behind the scene and will popup with the password on your screen.

Step4: Just copy/paste the password under your wifi settings>wifi.

I came to know about this app through a friend who told me it was great for hacking wireless networks within seconds. At that time I didn’t really believe him about the seconds part but decided to check it out anyway. I balked when I saw the app had millions of downloads on the Play Store and when I finally used it my mind was blown. This 5 MB Android app can crack vulnerable WiFi hotspots with WPS enabled within minutes or seconds. And I have read about people taking days and weeks to accomplish this task.
If you’re not already familiary with the app or have heard about it, which I suspect, it works in a profoundly simplistic way. First you download the app, then through that you scan for the nearest hotspots with WPS enabled (95% of the time you get WPS ones) and depending on the amout of options you ahve select the one you want to connect with. Now is the part I don’t get. When you choose your hostspot, there is a message which says either ‘Probably Comptatible’ or ‘Probably NOT Compatible’. Even when it’s NOT compatible it’ll connect at times. Then there are options for ‘Manual Selections’ of different combinations of PINs which I never used. And finally there’s ‘Connect Automatically’. I’d say, roughly 55% of th time this app works which is HUGE. And if your phone is rooted it also displays the password of that particular network!

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