How to block ads on android phone in 2020?

If you are getting something for free then there’s a very high chance that you are going to see some ads and this stands true for almost everything from social media platforms like Facebook to the free apps you have on your phone. When implemented correctly ads within apps can be overlooked for the most part but at time some apps push such annoying ads that forces you to uninstall that app from your phone. However things might not always be that simple in recent years. Lot of apps on Android have started serving full screen pop-up ads that force users to watch the entire ad before they can remove it from their screen and sometimes these ads just appear even when you are not using the offending app. This could make things a bit more complicated. 

Seeing this ads not only annoy you but causes battery drainage problems too. But don’t worry i will be teaching you how you can get out of this problem and enjoy the animations, look and feel while running your favorite apps.

I will be talking about two methods:

Method 1:  First we will find the main culprit which is causing this problem. Here we will find that application which is causing / using more battery. For this you have open your android settings > battery > battery usage.

So in above picture just for sake consider that there is an app which you don’t use the most but still it is listed in battery usage stats, it means that app is causing you trouble. You can uninstall that app. Or the other way around to check which app is causing this trouble is by using google play store. Just open it click on option icon on top left > My apps & games > installed > below click on sorting option and sort by last used.

Here is a screenshot from my device. Here all the apps are sorted on the basis of last used and you can figure it out from here that from which app that add was popped up and then you can uninstall that app.

Method 2:  If method 1 doesn’t work then we do have another way of blocking apps. Here blocking means that you cant uninstall the ad causing app but you can block its impact on your device. I have listed the following apps:

Above are the provided links which will redirect you to their official website. From there you can download them. The usage of all three apps are quite similar. Just install and enable them. 

If you find it useful kindly share and leave comments if any query.

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